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Comfort & Sedation


We want you to know our goal is to provide a variety of high-quality dental services, on time, on an individualized basis, in a comfortable setting. At Mustang Family Dental we know visiting the dentist is not necessarily fun and that’s why we make every patient’s comfort a priority. 


It’s hard to be comfortable if you don’t know what’s happening during your visit. We make sure every patient understands their dental care treatment plan and the procedures they’ll experience.


Each patient receives individualized, gentle and efficient care.

We maintain a calm and peaceful environment and pamper our patients with amenities so they have the most comfortable experience possible.


Amenities we provide for every patient:

  • Blankets

  • Sunglasses

  • Neck pillows

  • Hand towels for drying their face and mouth as needed during a visit

  • Mouthwash to remove any aftertaste as a result of the dentistry they’ve received



In our practice sedation is a part of our commitment to providing a comfortable experience for each patient. In fact, we offer a variety of sedation options to help patients feel at ease during their visit.


Nitrous Oxide Sedation
Sometimes known as laughing gas, this is an inhaled mixture of nitrous oxide and pure oxygen used to achieve mild sedation and relaxation. As a result, a patient remains aware throughout a procedure but is much less anxious. Nitrous oxide effects wear off quickly at the end of the procedure, allowing patients to leave the office in a normal state of mind. This form of sedation is also an effective and safe option for children.
Oral Sedation
A pill is used in oral sedation that shortly induces a deeply relaxed state while at the same time allowing a patient to remain conscious and responsive. Some patients may even sleep or have little memory of their treatment or procedure. During oral sedation we monitor patients to insure they are breathing properly and have adequate oxygenation of the blood. After the procedure, a patient cannot drive for the rest of the day and needs to be escorted by a caregiver.

Prior to oral sedation, it is important to schedule a consult with Dr. Bouziden to discuss current needs and other health issues. In the consult, Dr. Bouziden will also review what you should do the day before your procedure and the day of your procedure so that both you are fully informed about the treatment plan, and Dr. Bouziden is aware of any concerns.
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